Hello there! I’m Łukasz Kiełczykowski (you can call me Luk ☺). Now, when we are introduced to ourselves, let me tell you about myself little bit.

I was working as a full stack developer at Tokagen, where I mainly used Ruby on Rails and React. Recently however, I started working on Android app as new project came up and most of my work time is spent with Java.

I started my programming journey with C and then C#. I had and still have a lot of fun with C# within MonoGame or, much more frequently, Unity. I participate in some game jams (event where you create a game in very short time, in most cases 24-48 hours) with my friend and we even managed to win one ☺ Here you can check us out.

Outside the programming world, I try play on my guitar which gives me a lot of satisfaction, I make small steps in skydiving and I love driving my little blue car.

If you want to contact me feel free to email me at luk@kielczykowski.pl